We train volunteers to help those in our church and our community who need hope, help, and encouragement. Our volunteers are trained and equipped to provide you one-on-one Christian care.

why do we have Stephen ministers?

The pastors of Crossroads will always be on the front lines of caring for people, especially during times of crisis. However, there are always many more needs for ongoing one-on-one care than we can effectively meet by ourselves.

We have gifted people in our church family who are trained to support and help extend care so we can all be a church of refuge and the hands and feet of Christ.

Stephen ministry is a one-on-one Christ-centered care ministry

Everyone experiences challenges in life at one time or another. During those times, we benefit from care and support. Our trained Stephen Ministers are available to provide emotional and spiritual care for those who are faced with crisis or difficulties such as:

  • Incarceration

  • Aging/Shut-in

  • Birth, adoption, miscarriage, infertility

  • A chronic illness

  • …and much more.

  • Death of a loved one

  • Hospitalization

  • Divorce or separation

  • Loneliness or discouragement

  • Spiritual crisis

  • Unemployment/Job crisis

  • Terminal illness

think and pray about this opportunity

If you would like to meet with a Stephen Minster, please reach out to us so we can talk more about your circumstances and find an ideal Stephen Minster suited for you.

For more information:
Contact Pastor Howard Smith
at (208) 463-9070 or at howard@crossroadsnampa.com