We train volunteers to help those in our church and our community who need hope, help, and encouragement. You will learn how to provide one-on-one Christian care to people who are experiencing difficulties in their life.

Right now, we have 30 trained Stephen Ministers at Crossroads. Because we have a waiting list of people who want to meet with one of our trained ministers, we need to train more people at Crossroads who are willing to step into this ministry. We are excited to have you join us!

Stephen ministry extends our pastoral care

The pastors of Crossroads will always be on the front lines of caring for people, especially during times of crisis. However, there are always many more needs for ongoing one-on-one care than we can effectively meet by ourselves.

We need gifted people in our church family who are willing to be trained to support and help those in difficulty so that we can all be a church of refuge and the hands and feet of Christ.

Stephen ministry is a one-on-one Christ-centered care ministry

Everyone experiences challenges in life at one time or another. During those times, we benefit from care and support. Crossroads offers training so that you are equipped to provide emotional and spiritual care for those who are faced with crisis or difficulties, such as the death of a loved one, hospitalization, loneliness, spiritual crisis, chronic illness, and many more.

Stephen ministry is a team ministry

After your training, you will be ready to begin caring for people, but you won’t be on your own! You will partner with others who have gone through the training as well, to support you as you minister to hurting people.

Challenging but rewarding

While being a Stephen Minister requires commitment of time and effort, it also brings great joy and fulfillment. It may be one of the most rewarding challenges you will ever embrace.

this training is not limited to church ministry

The skills you learn in our training are useful in your everyday relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

what will we learn during our training?

Our training is distinctively Christian, and focuses on God as the One who cures as we care.

Training Schedule: September 2018 - June 2019

  1. The Person of the Caregiver—Defines the character of the caregiver and gives an overview of the ministry.

  2. Feelings: Yours, Mine, and Ours—How to help people recognize, accept, and express their feelings, and then trust God to give them healing and wholeness. We will explore the benefits of expressing feelings and the harm that can come when feelings remain unexpressed.

  3. The Art of Listening—Developing the skills of asking good questions and how to practice reflective listening.

  4. Distinctively Christian Caring—An emphasis on the tools of the Christian faith in caring for others.

  5. Process versus Results in Caregiving—The role of God as the Cure-Giver and our role as the caregiver.

  6. Assertiveness: Relating Gently and Firmly—How to speak the truth in love.

  7. Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries in Caregiving—How to protect yourself from personal controlling impulses and avoid manipulation by those being served.

  8. Crisis Theory and Practice: Danger versus Opportunity—Learn to identify what needs people have in crisis and learn appropriate ways to care for those needs.

  9. Confidentiality—Learn simple rules and how to apply them. Are there exceptions to the rules?

  10. Tele-Care: The Next Best Thing to Being There—Discover the difference in techniques when caring for people over the phone.

  11. Using Mental Health Professionals and Other Community Resources—When and how to refer people to professional care.

  12. Ministering to Those Experiencing Grief—Learn about grief from all different types of loss and how to help people journey through those losses.

  13. Dealing with Depression: The Stephen Minister’s Role—Learn the characteristics and symptoms of mild, moderate, and severe depression. Lean when and how to refer them for professional help.

  14. Helping Suicidal Persons Get the Help They Need—Learn the signs as well as how and what to do to get professional help.

  15. Bringing the Caring Relationship to a Close—How to know when to end caregiving with someone. Learn how to properly terminate care.

  16. Supervision: A Key to Quality Christian Care—Focusing on specific supervision skills and tools and how to use them.

  17. How to Make the First Caring Visit—How to set up and conduct your first caring visit; explore your personal feelings about beginning care relationships.

  18. Follow Me—Review and inspiration. Encouragement to go confident that God is with you as you care for others.

next Stephen ministry training

The next training session begins Monday, September 24th at 6:30pm, and goes for 20 weeks. There are several books and other materials that will be used during training. A $50 donation is suggested to cover the cost of materials, but not required. Scholarships are available.

For more information:
Contact Pastor Howard Smith
at (208) 463-9070 or at howard@crossroadsnampa.com