Our children’s ministry program is for your infant (six weeks) through fourth grader. Our desire is to be a refuge of God’s unconditional love. Our aim is that each child will experience this love at every age and stage through the vision of Crossroads Community Church. 


To provide a safe place, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, for every child to begin and grow in their journey with Christ.


To establish and build on the foundation of a life-changing relationship with God by teaching God’s Word and demonstrating His love.


To partner with God and parents to encourage the spiritual growth of children.

Cave Cubs

This program is created especially for infant (six weeks) through preschool-aged children. We can’t wait to meet them! We know things are busy at this stage of life, and your child is growing and learning in amazing ways. 

Infants (six weeks) and Wobblers: This age group will be greeted by loving and trained volunteers that will read, sing, play, and pray with your child. If your little one is crying for over five minutes consistently, we will text or page you to return to their classroom. In order to best serve the safety of our children, families, and our volunteers, we do not change diapers in Cave Cubs. If your child needs a diaper change, we will text or page you.*   

Toddlers – Pre-kindergarten: Children in this program will meet in a circle each week in their classrooms and learn about God in meaningful and developmentally-appropriate ways through hands-on activities. We plan a full hour for your child that includes the Bible Truth, songs, crafts, games, and play centers. Three year olds through pre-kindergarten children also have a small group time for prayer and discussion.

Cave Kids

In Cave Kids, kindergarten through fourth grade, we believe that the Bible should never be boring, worship can be really loud, and small group leaders always care. We desire to give children a safe place to hide God’s Word in their hearts. We want our kids to be transformed by His love, so that they are prepared each week to leave the “cave” and put God’s Word to work in their lives, just as David’s Mighty Men did! (1 Samuel 22:1-2) 

Large Group and Small Groups: Children are greeted each week by their small group leaders for opening activities. Then we all gather in the “cave” for a large group time of worship and the Bible Truth. Small groups are a focus in Cave Kids! 

No matter where your child is in their journey with Christ, we desire to create an environment that gives them a chance for true friendship, a relationship with Christ, and a positive experience with the church that will remain with them as they grow. 

We want children to see how the truth of the Bible fits into their lives by providing tools and guidance that helps them build a relationship with God’s Word. We want our children to be “doers of the Word, and not hearers only.” (James 1:22) That’s why we believe it’s important to have your child connect with the same friends and the same leader at the same service every week! 


Occasionally Crossroads Kids offers resources that parents are encouraged to use. To see our current available resources, click the link below.


For more information on our policies, procedures, or other frequently asked questions, visit our kids ministry policies page. 


debbie eshelman - Children's Ministry Pastor