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Crossroads Genesis is the newest weekend service offered by Crossroads Community Church, launched officially in December 2013. The service begins at 10:15am on Sundays at Still Water Hollow, 18120 Dean Lane in Nampa.

Crossroads Genesis is a video venue service, meaning that sermons are played via high definition video. The broadcast sermon is accompanied by live worship and on-site children's and youth ministries. As a smaller community of believers, Crossroads Genesis offers the benefits of vibrant fellowship while also operating under the covering of a larger church. In this way, it has the advantages of both a small and a large church while avoiding many of the pitfalls of either. Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons why the video venue approach to church multiplication has been so successful across North America over the last decade.

The ultimate goal of Crossroads Genesis is to introduce more people in the community to the life-changing and life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ. If the Lord so directs, the leadership of Crossroads Community Church and Crossroads Genesis is open to the idea of planting multiple video venue congregations throughout the Treasure Valley. The specific outworking and timing of this is purposefully undefined, but as the Holy Spirit guides and illuminates, Crossroads will follow.

If you would like a recap of the "Family Meeting" held after service on Sunday, June 3rd, in regard to the future of Crossroads Genesis, please follow the link below. Please join with us in prayer as we wait on the Lord to show us His will. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please reach out to any of the Crossroads Genesis leadership team. We welcome any insight you might have as you spend time in the Word and listen to the Holy Spirit's leading.

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