April 30th, 2017

Here’s what’s coming up 

MEN’S BREAKFAST: All men are invited to attend the men’s breakfast on Saturday, May 6th, at 7:30am in the Crossroads gym. This will not be a service project as anticipated, but breakfast as usual. For questions, contact Daren at birdhunter1w2@gmail.com

CROSSROADS FISHING DAY: Men and women of all ages are invited to a fishing day sponsored by Men’s Ministry, on Saturday, May 13th. Boat launch times will be at 8:00am and 1:00pm. Please bring fishing gear if you have it. Lunch will be provided from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Contact Daren Clark with questions at birdhunter1w2@gmail.com

NIGHT OF PRAYER AND WORSHIP: Wednesday, May 24th, at 6:30pm we will have a night of prayer and worship at the main campus. Baptisms and communion will be available that evening. Dinner will be provided at 5:15pm with a suggested donation of $2 per person. 

MIDDLE SCHOOL CAMP: June 12th-16th, 6th through 8th grades are invited to Shiloh Bible Camp in Donnelly. Cost is $175. Registration is available online. For questions, email beth@crossroadsnampa.com

HEART AND HANDS RESOURCE DRIVE: We are partnering with schools in the area to provide food and hygiene kits for children in our community who are in need. For more information, pick up a flier at the back table, or email Toni Fonseca at toni@ crossroadsnampa.com


For your information 

GENESIS COMMUNICATIONS: If you would like to receive Genesis specific communications via CCB, please contact carolyn@crossroadsnampa.com to add your family. 

ARE YOU ON FACEBOOK? Follow our Genesis Facebook page to get updates and stay aware of upcoming events.

GENESIS WOMEN: If you’re looking for ways to get involved with women’s ministries at Crossroads and Genesis, check out our website or contact jennifer@crossroadsnampa.com

GENESIS YOUTH: Immediately following worship, Genesis Youth (5th through 12th grades) are invited to the upstairs room for a youth class. Contact jeffstmary@crossroadsnampa.com with questions. 


Needed monthly: $171,234 

Received in April: $162,767 (95%) 

Total Expansion Received: $2,072,844


Sermon: Our Emotionally Intelligent God

MATTHEW 26:26-46

How Jesus modeled emotional and relational intelligence on His most stressful day:

Jesus _________________ instead of avoiding it or distracting himself (v. 36-37a).

Jesus _________________ and didn’t hide his emotions (v. 37b).

Jesus’ _________________ gave Him the ability to describe the emotions of His soul (v. 38a).

Jesus ___________________________ (horizontal support) (v. 38b).

Jesus ________________________________ (vertical support).

Jesus’ prayer was ______________________.

Jesus’ faith was displayed when He ________________________ in the Father’s hands (v. 39). 

Jesus ___________________ and resolve to face the betrayal of Judas, the arrest, the beatings and the crucifixion as a result of going through this process (v. 45-46).


____________ is part of our human reality.

Each of us has a familiar _______________________.

The value of _____________________ to describe our souls.(See soul word list on bookmark.)

The importance of ___________________.

Faith and ____________________ can co-exist.

In order to successfully develop and mature in Christ, we need to do the ____________________ of scripture: (horizontal support).

The Comfort Circle: The ___________________ the “one anothers.”(See the Comfort Circle on bookmark.)